Who We Are

We are a leading world wide provider of technical services and products to all branches of the armed forces and governement agencies. Through innovative products and professional analysts, we help U.S. and foreign governments respond to the biggest threats to national security.

Since 2014, our employees have been focused on providing critical counter-terrorism, intelligence, data analytics, and investigative solutions to our customers throughout the world's national security community. Our employees provide expert analysis and innovative technology to meet our customers' current needs while adapting to ever-changing security requirements.

What We Believe


To solve security challenges by providing expert analysis, innovative products and integrated, customized solutions.


The world leader in helping customer counter the threats of terrorism and criminal activity.


  • Integrity - Be a trusted mission partner.
  • Performance - Be on time and on budget while delivering high quality.
  • Innovation - constantly adapt to change with new solutions.

Featured Customer

The Embassy of the State of Qatar

The Qatar embassies throughout the world must communicate and share information with students studying at foreign universities. Mojo Analytics provided a complete student management system including user management, information exchange, email and chat communication, and form processing workflow capabilities.